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Christmas 2004 at Heavenly Valley with the Carrigs


Bebe, Howie, Kristen and Travis flew to Reno on December 23 to spend Christmas with Leslie, Blaise and family. Several of us skied at Heavenly on Christmas eve.

Christmas day began about 5:30 AM before Blaise went off to work. Here is Travis at the Christmas tree deciding where to begin. It was still dark outside when Morgan discovered his gift.

While the kids played with their new toys the adults went back to Heavenly for some more snow time. The day ended (as did most subsequent days) in the Carrig’s hot tub.

The rest of the week was spent skiing with and without kids as the snow began and then got serious. Here is what Kristen, Bebe and Leslie looked like on one of those very snowy days.

All of us were captured in one or or more photos skiing the powder in those wide open Heavenly woods. Here are some samples: ,—- Howie,—-Bebe,—-Leslie,—Kristen,—-Colin,—-Travis

On our last day avalanche control and power outages kept the ski area from operating. Meanwhile the snow around the house was accumulating instead of melting by midday painting a beautiful picture and providing a special opportunity for Leslie and Colin to build a snowman.


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