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Barn snugged up by the snow

Winterset Farm throughout the seasons

Bebe coming up the autumn hillside on Willie

This page was created to provide a place for images of Winterset Farm in different seasons. We’ll start with an October 2015 view of the house  from the pasture below with some of the fall colors. Here’s one of Meg on Willie and Bebe on Whisper out for a ride in October 2015.  The view […]

Visiting Our National Parks in September 2017

During September 2017 we decided to visit some of the national parks and monuments in Wyoming and South Dakota that we’ve missed in our many winter ski trips. We began by flying into Jackson Hole on September 15, renting a Jeep and moving into a Motel 6 in Jackson. Grandson Morgan Carrig and friend Aimee […]

A Mississippi Cruise in April 2017

In March 2017 we were invited to join Kit Wilson (our 94 year old sister in law) and her partner Ralph Van Woert (whose 100th birthday we celebrated in March) on a lower Mississippi cruise. Excited about the prospect we flew from Boston to New Orleans on April 12, checked into the Wyndham Garden hotel […]