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Henry Myers & Stéphanie Tellier wedding – June 2011

The bride and groom

The bride and groom

The big event of 2011 was the marriage of our first and oldest grandson, Henry, to Stéphanie Tellier. The wedding took place on June 4 in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Québec. Bebe pinned the boutoniere on the groom (and wedding manager) in this photo.

Five additional grandkids made it to the big event. Here are Morgan, Colin, Béa, Travis and Aimé before the ceremony.

The marriage ceremony took place outdoors and was performed by Alexandre Guilban. Here are the newlyweds as the photo lineups begin.

Howie and Bebe joined Henry and Stéphanie for this photo.

The reception in the Salle Le Petit Fort du Fort St-Jean included many games and a serenade by Henry for his new bride.

Dancing followed dinner. Béa, Henry and Morgan are visible here and Leslie caught Bebe and Howie in another photo.

Stéphanie and Henry cut the wedding cake as the evening drew to a close.

On the following day Dana and Claude hosted a BBQ at their home in Sainte-Béatrix which included music by Les Poules à Colin and provided another opportunity for another group portrait on the big back steps.

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