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Winterset Farm throughout the seasons

Bebe coming up the autumn hillside on Willie

Bebe coming up the autumn hillside on Willy

This page was created to provide a place for images of Winterset Farm in different seasons. We’ll start with an October 2015 view of the house  from the pasture below with some of the fall colors. Here’s one of Meg on Willy and Bebe on Whisper out for a ride in October 2015.  The view through the livingroom window at this season is spectacular. If you step outside in the garden you might see these colors.

When winter arrives the scenery is very different. Have another look at Bebe & Linnekin in front of the barn. The view of the barn from the pasture below looks like this. The entry to the house requires a lot of snow removal. In 1998 the girls performed a musical ride  in the indoor arena. When they returned to the barn they made quite a picture in the snow.

When spring arrives the view of the entry looks very different. The view of the mountains changes by the season, the day and the hour. One morning in May a large cloud lay across the mountain tops. With some professional help there are flowers close to the house, at the corners and out we we can view them from inside.

During the summer of 2004 I took a picture of Winterset Farm from Fuller Hill with a telephoto lens that looks like this. Here is an aerial photo taken in 2005 that includes the house, barn, riding arena and equipment shed.

Here is a view across the pastures as they are being cut near summer’s end.

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