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Kristen Whittle weds Tom Norwood – June 16, 2012


On Friday, June 15, Kristen Whittle and Tom Norwood arrived at Winterset Farm to prepare for their wedding on the following day. Joining them were son Travis and friend Liz and Tom’s son Colby. Lisa Lague and Adam Sirum arrived to participate in the wedding.

A pre-nuptial dinner took place at the Pitcher Inn. The couple and the whole party were captured at the entrance in these photos.

On Saturday Tom’s daughter Heather and her friend Tyler  arrived.   Travis and Liz are  dressed u for the ceremony.  Kristen did some final touch-ups assisted by Lisa and Bebe.

The wedding ceremony which took place on the patio was conducted by Howie   “By the power vested in him by the State of Vermont”   Photos afterward included the bride & groom, with the maid of honor and the best man and the entire wedding party.

A special addition was a photo with Whisper which was inspired by her appearance at Dana & Kari’s wedding a year earlier.

A luncheon, champagne and cutting of the wedding cake  completed the big day.

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