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Thanksgiving with the Carrigs in Longmont 2014


A 30 LB turkey!

Thanksgiving day 2014 arrived with a brilliant red sky over Long’s Peak that Leslie photographed when she got up to feed the horses.

The traditional Thanksgiving football game was preceded by chicken soup. Waiting here are Katie, Bebe and Avery and on the sofa  Emily and Theresa.

The spectacular Carrig football game took place in 2014 on Leslie’s riding arena. The old folks team consisted of Leslie, Ken, Kaitlin, Blaise and Tommy. On the kiddies team were Colin, Morgan, Avery, Katie and Patrick. In this action photo a carefully choreographed play was being executed. After each touchdown Tom and Emily stepped in for the place kick.

Afterward with a drink in hand Leslie and Blaise were busy in their newly renovated kitchen while Chef Thomas worked on the Thanksgiving feast and Tom, Theresa and Bebe looked on.

The extended family of sixteen then filled their plates (here are Avery and Morgan and Patrick and Katie ) and feasted together.

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