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Bebe’s 75th Birthday BBQ Bash – June 2006


Unwilling to be subjected to a surprise birthday party and with a long list of unexecuted party ideas, Bebe planned and engineered a very special party to celebrate her 75th birthday. At the left is the invitation she designed.

The party took place in the 8400 square foot indoor riding arena, a safe location in the event of rain. As it turned out it was a hot sunny day and the arena with doors and windows open provided welcome shelter from the hot sun. Here’s what guests encountered when they entered the arena. That’s Julie at the bar.

Nearby I spotted Al, June, Bob and Jack hoisting a few.

Looking back toward the bar from the far side we see this. That’s Gail with a drink in each hand.

Over here are Put, two smiling Barbaras and Sheila. Freddie, Dana, Tom, Russ, Kristen and Claude posed for this one.

Meanwhile folks have been attacking the appetizers contributed by many of the party guests. That’s John back there.

Outside on the approach to the arena Walter’s crew is preparing the barbeque.

Here Liz, Barry, Gayle and Valerie can be seen at the buffet table followed by many others. Bebe’s begun to fill here plate in this view.

The fruit selection was beautifully presented as you can see here.

A sampling of the food being enjoyed can be seen in these photos of Nancy, Jim and Gretchen. Here Avery and Leslie pause to chat with Roxanne.

Laura, Eliza and Avery pose for a chick shot in this photo.

During the party music was provided by Tom Hooper and The Detonators Plus in big band style suitable for dancing. Here’s what happened to the dance floor when dinner ended. Bebe and Howie were jitterbugging! Then we caught Bebe with Loretta.  Béa, Kristen and Bebe are in perfect sync in this photo.

When the party was over the visiting family members gathered on the patio wall for some group photos. Here is one that includes Bebe, Bea, Avery, Travis, Colin, Aimé, Leslie, Kristen and Tom.

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