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Skiing Heavenly Valley 2006

Aimé, Béatrix, Leslie

On February 25, Bebe & I flew to Reno accompanied by our 3 grand kids from Québec, Henry, Aimé and Béa. We were met by Leslie and Colin and with the addition of a rental car made our way to Gardnerville, NV for a pleasant week with the Carrig family.

Most of our days were spent skiing at Heavenly Valley. It snowed almost every day but the sun appeared on Wednesday so we rode the gondola up the California side. Shown above are Leslie with Aimé & Béa. We took many photos with beautiful Lake Tahoe in view including this spot Aimé picked out. We had lunch outside on Snow Beach.

We spent most of our time skiing powder in the woods. We caught Henry and Aimé emerging from the trees on the lower Nevada side and Colin (in his wookie coat), Béa, and Leslie in our special stash.

Our routine included joining Colin in the hot tub on the back patio at the end of the day. In this photo are 3 generations in the kitchen including Bebe, Leslie and 2 granddaughters, Avery and Béa.

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